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The Fan Fic Pen

The Fan Fiction Pen
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Welcome to The Fan Fiction Pen

Hello and welcome to fanficpen. I'm paulasj, also known as DC Lady, and I write mostly DC Universe fan fiction (Batman, to be precise). I love to write, and that's why I created this community: To share my love of writing and to learn from the critique of others.

I urge everyone to not only post works of your fan fiction (all fandoms accepted), but also anything you have to say on writing in general. Have a grammar question? Ask it here. If I can't answer it, I'm sure someone else can (*cough* Ms. Grammatica). Want to discuss a particular style of writing? We'd love to hear what you have to say.

I also urge you to give thoughtful critique to posted works of fan fiction. I know that I love any and all feedback, but I also want to hear what you really think about that particular paragraph that has you scratching your head. The writers who post here do, too. But please remember not to flame.

I also recommend visiting the Memories section for some fantastic articles on writing, as well as works of fan fiction.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves and your love of fan fiction.


Please use the following template in posting your stories.

(Please let us know if the content is disturbing or includes
Slash: (Yes or No)
Author's Notes:


I LOVE FEEDBACK. It encourages me to write more. So I encourage you to offer thoughtful beta/critique/feedback to fellow writers. Tell us what you think. In reviewing a story, we ask that you be detailed in your critique/thoughts so we can learn from them. Tell us what you like and what you think didn’t work. But always be gracious. Flaming is not allowed.

Also note that shorter stories or portions of longer ones, will likely receive more feedback. And if you need help with a specific area of a story, please let us know when posting the story.


Please use LJ Cuts for lengthy posts.


Please use the appropriate tags for your posts. Feel free to create a tag for your fandom if you don't see one.